Lyle Hess designed these production sailboats.  The ones with underlined links have PDF  brochures to download, from the Photo Site:   Balboa 20  brochure ,  Balboa 26  brochure ,  Balboa 27 brochure ,  Ensenada 20  brochure ,  Fatty Knees Dinghy  brochure ,  Montgomery Dinghy brochure,  Montgomery 17 brochure ,  Montgomery 23  brochure ,  Nor'Sea 27  brochure ,  Nor'Sea 37,  Falmouth Cutter brochure and Bristol Channel Cutter brochure

Several other one/off craft are credited to Mr. Hess and the first to be mentioned are always  Lin and Larry Pardey's World Cruisers Seraffyn and Teleisin.  Also worth noting is the 16' HessCat  on the Photo Site, built from Lyle Hess plans and launched in Groningen,  The Netherlands in 2003.

Other Lyle Hess designs represented here on the Photo Site are the Nor'Sea 27 Ladyship, and the Montgomery 12's Dink and Harris as well as several M-17 & M-23 in their respective Boats & Owners sections and the Bristol Channel Cutter Sentient

More examples are mentioned in these Websites which honor Mr. Hess with reprints from various magazine articles:

Visit the MSOG Home Site for a great Article written by Morry Edwards,  click on  Lyle Hess Dream Boat Man.

Several article reprints are available at the Nor'Sea Yachts / Montgomery Boats Website. Almost all of what is built at these Boatshops are Lyle Hess Designs.   Click on:  .
Lyle Hess