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Boat Type: Montgomery 17
Boat Owner: Not Specified
Hull Number: 615
Home Port: Not Specified
General Location: Not Specified
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SCA has featured Alina in several issues; including twice as the winner of Cruiser Challenges and a great cruising story of Alina in San Francisco Bay. Information on these issues are available on the Small Craft Advisor website.

Alina was constructed by master boatwright Bob Eeg, owner of Montgomery Boats. She was created as a show boat for the San Francisco Pacific Sail Only Expo. Alina was given every option available and was as pretty as any boat in the show and definitely saltier than many of the other trailer sailor boats on display. Bob Campbell fell in love with her and bought her on the spot.

When Bob made arrangements to enter the second Cruiser Challenge, he needed crew and was introduced to Jerry Montgomery by Bob Eeg. Jerry made modifications to the front stay position, faired the rudder and they replaced the aluminum boom with a lighter carbon fiber model. The results of the second race are in the record books. What a treat to race and win in the Cruiser Challenge with Jerry Montgomery as crew.

Photos and Story by Bill Lamica

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