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Boat Type: Dana 24
Boat Owner: Not Specified
Hull Number: 96
Home Port: Not Specified
General Location: Not Specified
Last Modified: 06/07/2016 00:27 AM



San Francisco Bay, a little bit of wind and a fine sailboat, what more could one ask for?

Graceful Exit belongs to Laurence Boag. Laurence spent 9 months out of the year teaching for 30 years. During that time he also operated a small cabinet shop and boatshop where he has restored several craft. Most recently a 1962 Cheoy Lee and, 12 years and many boats ago, an Aquarius 23, Tracy Ellen, who also has an album here on the Photo Site. The Dana, although heavy is transportable with a properly equipped 3/4 ton pickup and Laurence has plans to put her on the trailer and head off to some remote sailing area like he has done with the Aquarius. The difference in design and construction will allow even more adventures as she is the Blue Water boat with radar, full electronics, windvane steering and full keel, while the lighter A23 is easier to trailer, launch and rig. The name Graceful Exit came from the prior owner to signify his retirement and when Laurence took over the tiller the name was a fitting statement of his retirement as well, and the name stayed.

These photos need to be enlarged to be appreciated... so please do, Graceful Exit is a gorgeous boat. On the far left and lower middle is a double reefed main with furled stay sail and foresail. Looks like a typical summer day on the Bay with plenty of wind and a light amount of wave action. She even looks great sitting still and all tied up, in the top center. Lee Cloths are the preferred place to relax in comfort while cruising. There is one of these 61/2 foot long berths on each side. So dependant upon the tack, you can always choose the high side and just securely roll into the cloth. Also notice the factory headliner. Sure helps to give the cabin a warmer feeling on overcast and rainy days.

Story and Photos by Laurence Boag

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