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Boat Type: Montgomery 15
Boat Owner: Chille,John
Hull Number: 189
Home Port: Ventura, CA
General Location: California
Last Modified: 11/11/2016 5:24 PM



I purchased my M-15 (renamed At Last, for my girlfriend) from Larry Houston, Sacramento on 7/23/14. Larry purchased her from Dennis Farrell, Ridgecrest, Ca on 11/1/97. Further history is unknown.

I'm a lifelong sailor, owner of several boats, with extensive cruising and racing experience, currently sailing instructor for the city of Ventura.
I have made several modifications, which I will be happy to share.

We enjoy local sailing and weekend getaways with the So Cal Potters. We also spend a couple of weeks cruising Puget Sound with the Bay Area Potter group.

Story and Photos by John Chille

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