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Post Type: Technical/Project

Boat Part: Cockpit

Date Modified: 08/24/2020 1:38 PM


I found some vinyl coated nylon for cheap on eBay and sewed up a 7' x 7' tarp. I used webbing left over from another project to reinforce the edges and the slit for the topping lift. My boat hook holds the forward end wide open and my whisker pole spreads the aft end. Shock cord keeps everything in place.
I knotted lengths of shock cord to grommets in the corners, middle, and adjacent to the shrouds. I cut these to the correct lengths and put hooks on the ends. The shock cords are thus permanently attached to the awning so i just have to unfold it and clip the cords to the poles, toe rails, shrouds, and around the mast. To make it even quicker to deploy I color coded the shock cords: red for port, green for starboard, and orange for around the mast.


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