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Post Type: Technical/Project

Boat Part: Electronics/Navigation

Date Modified: 05/09/2017 10:42 AM


I did not like the way the stern light was mounted on the slanted part of the coaming. It directed the light down instead of out. I made a short pillar to get the light horizontal. This was done at the same time that I was doing the transom overhaul.
I used a piece of PVC pipe as a form for the mold. It was easy to cut and easy to sand the bottom to get the bevel right. I greased the inside with Vaseline as a mold release. I used West epoxy with low density fairing filler because that is what I had on hand. The rough pillar was made a little taller than the finished product so that I could sand the top smooth and get it truly level. (It's always easier to take a little off the top than to add height.) A little hand sanding, a few holes drilled, and a little Rustoleum paint and I was done.


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