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Sick Chicken   Total Page Hits: 4634

Boat Type: Montgomery 17
Boat Owner: John,Taussig
Hull Number: 375
Home Port: Lake Sammamish
General Location: Washington
Last Modified: 05/30/2020 8:36 PM



Current owner is John Taussig. Boat is on Lake Sammamish but will be docked in Bellingham for July -Aug and Sept. Before this boat - an old Coronado 15. We raced a S-2 7.9 for several years in Lake Michigan based out of Holland MI. Also a Catalina 22 that was raced all over the South East when we lived in Columbia SC. I am looking forward to a simpler version of sailing with Sick Chicken and do a lot of single handed sailing now. This boat fits my life style (and age) just perfectly! Thank you Dave for leaving it in such great shape!

SWEET PEA details visit

SWEET PEA's most recent past owner was Dave Scobie.

Prior to Dave owners, Dick and Ann Lang of Washington State, keep Sweet Pea on a mooring buoy near their home on Vashon Island when they aren't out sailing and enjoying the scenery of the Puget Sound. Before they found Sweet Pea, there was Cal 20 which they owned and sailed in the Columbia River when they lived in Portland, Oregon. In a few of these shots, you can see the aftermath of a night storm while on the 2005 NW Cruise. It rained off and on during the cruise so the foulies had to be hung out and dried periodically. Also notice the outboard is mounted on the starboard side away from the weight of the anchor locker and it's contents.

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