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Boat Type: Dana 24
Boat Owner: Not Specified
Hull Number: 33
Home Port: Not Specified
General Location: Not Specified
Last Modified: 06/07/2016 00:38 AM



I took these photos in the summer of 2003. Sweetheart was moored at Brickyard Cove on Point Richmond in the San Francisco Bay. As I was returning from a sail I spotter her easy to recognize lines. As you look at the photos, bear in mind she is 20 years old.

The Dana is on my short list of minimalist, live aboard, dream boats. Easy to moor and store. It is possible to load her on the trailer and head off for new adventures. I've had a couple of chances to sail a Dana and on both occasions, time wouldn't allow it. However, the next time someone says lets go...

Photos and Story by Bill Lamica

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