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Boat Type Portrait Image

Montgomery 15

Design Characteristics

BuilderMontgomery Marine Products or Montgomery Boats
DesignerJerry Montgomery
Draft Down24.5"
Production Start
Production End
Number Built
Weight750 lbs
Trailer Weight1100 lbs

History and Description

The Montgomery 15 differed from the Montgomery 17 and 23 by the fact that it was designed by Jerry Montgomery instead of Lyle Hess. The design of the Montgomery 15 was proven when one was sailed to Hawaii from the Los Angeles area. See the boat page for the "Little Breeze".

Sail Measurements as supplied by Jerry Montgomery:

I - 15.33 FT
J - 4.58 FT
P - 16.83 FT
E - 7.83 FT

Working jib as supplied by Montgomery was a 128%.