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Tabernacle loops   Total Page Hits: 1995

Post Type: Technical/Project

Boat Part: Mast

Date Modified: 11/23/2017 2:36 PM


I wanted to get rid of the foot blocks that Skookum had on her cabin top. I considered a plate underneath the tabernacle, but I had difficulty finding reliable dimensions on them. I didn't want big tangs on the fore or aft that hatches would run into, and she has electrical connections on both sides that I was a afraid a wide plate would run into.

I removed the tabernacle and took it to a welder. He welded on four half rings right at the base. They're very close in. Combined with a Ronstan Shock block (really just an aluminum loop), they keep lines very close in.

Incidentally, my idea worked great, though execution was a little disappointing. We took it to a welder my dad knows who did a fairly half ass job, finish wise. They're strong as heck, but I had to spend an annoying amount of time with a Dremel and hand file cleaning up the welds. In retrospect I should have taken it to a shop.

One of the loops on the port side turns out to interfere with the electrical connection after all. I doubt it'll matter, as both outhaul and Cunningham can fit on one loop.


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