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Faux wood floor   Total Page Hits: 1728

Post Type: Technical/Project

Boat Part: Cabin/Storage

Date Modified: 02/05/2018 01:31 AM


I took a cue from Henry Rodriguez and his Monita and put in a vinyl wood floor. It's Trafficmaster Allure Teak, $40 a box at Home Depot. The M17 floor took a little less than a box, but with a fair amount of wastage.

The flooring is pretty neat. Totally waterproof (it's all plastic), pretty easy to cut and install. All the adhesive is on the pieces themselves. I secured them in places with 3M tape (the kind that has no backing, just a gummy adhesive on a roll). Seems secure enough.

As you can probably guess, the only real difficult part was trimming around the centerboard trunk, which (on my boat) wasn't very uniform on one side.

If your shop can tolerate the unholy mess, the stuff cuts well with a tablesaw or chopsaw. I probably should have cut the curves around the trunk with the bandsaw, but I hacked away by hand instead.


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