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Post Type: Destination/Story

State: Washington

Date Modified: 09/25/2019 11:00 PM


A lot of first this summer. First refit, minor but still, bottom paint, new sails, new artwork with the her name nicely done.
first time in salt water.. We sailed the Salish 100 with the "gang" and had a great time. First time both of us on the boat for over 24 hours, first time under a bridge, first time seeing dolphins,orcas and seals, all in all a great time.
Then Labor-day weekend we towed to Port Angles and "sailed" motored to Victoria.. first time in a foreign country.. then on to Port Townsend.. first time for shipping traffic or ferries or crab pots. had the most wonderful summer. Wife is bugging me to plan for next year already.


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