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Camping at Catalina Island's Two Harbors   Total Page Hits: 2028

Post Type: Destination/Story

State: California

Date Modified: 05/29/2016 4:29 PM


We left from San Pedro (Long Beach Harbor) for an approximately 20 miles crossing to Catalina's Two Harbors.

We were able to sail the majority of the trip to the island. We were close hauled and sailing in 15-20 knot winds towards the end of the crossing. There was 2-4 foot wind waves. The boat did GREAT! We made the crossing in about 5 hours. We reefed the main about halfway through the trip and put up a smaller headsail (75% jib).

The boat was loaded with camping supplies for three grown men. We unloaded the supplies onto the taxi and camped ashore for 2 nights which included hiking, smoking cigars, and of course...drinking...

The return trip was also excellent. The winds shifted aft throughout the trip, but we were able to sail most of it. It was more smooth and pleasant then the trip to the island.


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