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Transom and Rudder restoration   Total Page Hits: 2195

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Boat Part: Transom

Date Modified: 03/02/2017 10:05 PM


The boat had obviously grounded hard in the past. The transom had been repaired due to cracking, and been "beefed up" with a one inch thick board to hide the cosmetic blemish. The rudder had been damaged as well, with a large chunk missing from the leading edge. The gudgeons had been moved to new locations, and the gudgeon and pintle style changed, and the old, unused mounting holes had been filled with silicone sealant.

I removed the motor mount, ladder, gudgeons, and the board from the transom and restored the holes by filling with epoxy...and faired the blemish and sanded it. I built up the leading edge of the rudder with thickened epoxy and reshaped it.

I then primed and painted the transom and rudder, and remounted all removed equipment. I changed out all the hardware with new SS hardware.


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